Hosting 4,000 Guests in the General Assembly Room at the United Nations Building

THE CLIENT AND THEIR GOALS: The Israeli Mission to the UN held two very large and important conferences in 2016 and 2017 that involved high-level media and security and over 4,000 attendees at the United Nations Building, General Assembly Room. 

THE PROJECT: This was a fun and complex event where we coordinated many logistical details to host two very successful conferences. For the second event, we had the Vice President of the United States as a speaker and we worked in the weeks leading up to the event to coordinate his presence with Secret Service. 


– One of the most logistically complicated parts of hosting an event at the United Nations is that registration has to occur outside without the use of any tables or standing signage and all attendees must also be cleared by building security after registration. This took an extensive amount of work on the part of our team to make sure the process was seamless for all attendees and participants. 

Thank you so much for everything! It was really a great opportunity to work with such pros as yourself.

— Michal Carmeli
Special Projects Coordinator, Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN

  • Client: Israeli Mission to the U.N.
  • Category: Government Event
  • Duration: 2 Years