Supporting Entrepreneurs is a Passion of Ours

Ramon Ray is a powerhouse on stage and grew the Smart Hustle Media brand with the core event of the Smart Hustle Growth Conference until he sold the company in 2023. The Smart Hustle Growth Conference inspired and rewarded entrepreneurs, while connecting them with world-class educators like Seth Godin. 

We began working with Smart Hustle Media in 2018 and had the pleasure of producing their conferences annually for approximately 300 attendees. We also supported with on-site registration, sponsor management and awards management.   


– We really enjoy working with Ramon and his fast-paced team as they are constantly innovating and creating. We have been able to work really well with their team and play an operational role in many ways as it relates to events to help streamline sponsor interactions and other components. 


Producing events is absolutely stressful whether the events are in-person or online. Over the past few years I’ve come to rely on the H&H team to partner with me and Smart Hustle to produce events. I know what I do best – overall vision for an event, hosting and speaking. I also know what I don’t do best – the detailed technical production, agenda review, speaker and sponsor coordination and 479 other details that it takes to have a successful event. The H&H team are first rate professionals, who respond quickly and get the job done. When I’m working with them, I don’t worry – in fact, I real relieved and they alleviate my stress levels.

— Ramon Ray
CEO, Smart Hustle Media

  • Client: Smart Hustle Media
  • Category: Branding Events
  • Duration: 5 years