Focused on Connection & Retention

THE CLIENT AND THEIR GOALS: Profit First Professionals has a large membership community of practitioners and they currently host two major events each year with the goal of connecting their attendees, providing ongoing education and membership retention. 

THE PROJECT: We began working with Profit First Professionals in 2022, planning their Mastery Meetup event and their annual ProfitCON Conference. To date, we’ve planned their Mastery Meetup events (approx. 80 attendees) in San Diego, Nashville and New Orleans (upcoming Spring 2024). We’re also planning our third ProfitCON event (approx. 200 attendees, their 10th Anniversary!) coming up in Fall 2024. 


  • – One of the many great things Profit First does is offer a hybrid experience for both events, giving their members flexibility to change their plans to attend virtually or in-person. 
  • – The Mastery Meetup event is largely focused on content + a fun experience for their attendees and they get creative with both events to use entertainment and the element of surprise to keep their members happy and connected. 
  • – We took over their event planning in 2022 and successfully navigated contracts they had from pre-pandemic cancellations. We know connecting and retaining members is one of their top priorities so we work with them on agenda development, ideas for engaging attendees and making the experience memorable. We also focus on strategic shifts in budget spend like local speakers and thoughtful swag to maximize their ROI. 
Working with Liz, Jennifer, and the team these past few years has been nothing short of phenomenal. In the planning stages, they follow our vision while making suggestions that result in even better events than we could have imagined. During the events themselves, they conduct themselves calmly and professionally, allowing us to focus on our members instead of the various hiccups that arise in the moment. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of event planners!
Billie Anne Grigg, Senior Strategic Guide

  • Client: Profit First Professionals
  • Category: Community Events
  • Duration: Client since 2022